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Est. 1947

Of the many fine attractions Knysna and its surrounds offer, the most exquisite wonders can be seen at one of the two associated jewellers in town; Knysna Manufacturing Jewellers in the magnificent Woodmill Lane shopping centre ( Est.1947) and the Knysna Diamond Corporation at the beautiful and unique Knysna Waterfront. You will find precious gemstones, most of which have been mined in Africa that includes Diamonds, Tanzanite (unique to Africa), Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby expertly set in the finest silver, gold and platinum. Furthermore, apart from carrying pre-made jewellery, we also employ professional jewellery designers and goldsmiths so that you can have your dream item made uniquely just for you on the premises. Each shop carries different stock and trades competitively so that customers have maximum choice and variety. Because we have an association with a diamond mine we are able to provide diamonds at the best prices in Africa. This has meant that we regularly export precious stones, fine ethnic and designer jewellery all around the world.

Specializes in Gemstones

We pride ourselves in the quality of our stones, we specialize in Diamonds and Tanzanites specificality as well as stock all other precious stones.

Jewellery Design

Using the latest jewellery design software and 3D printing technology we will design and manufacture your dream piece.

Manufacturing Jewellers

We are manufacturing jewellers, ready to manufacture your dream piece. We also manufacture the beautiful items displayed in our stores.



Knysna Jewellers and Knysna Diamond Corporation have been expertly serving clients since 1947. We stock a wide range of unique ethnic and traditional jewellery pieces.

Nestling on the banks of a turquoise blue lagoon in the heart of the Garden Route is the picturesque town of Knysna. Pristine beaches, lakes, mountains, forests and rivers provide endless opportunity for leisure and outdoor activities. Within the town, craft shops and cafés fullfills the small town charm, character and hospitality.

The area is a veritable Garden of Eden: home to the only forest elephant in South Africa, the unique Knysna seahorse, the Brenton-blue butterfly, the Pansy shell, Knysna Turaco (Knysna Loerie) and a variety of water fowl, forest birds, dolphins, visiting whales and a fine team of associated jewellers.

Knysna offers an all round package for all it’s visitors, with luxury accommodation and cuisine to the budget traveler passing through Knysna has something for everyone. The natural beauty the town offers bring everyone from all over South Africa and the world together to witness what nature is capable of. With mountain vistas, rain forest canopies, rivers, small forest creeks, estuaries and stunning beaches make for an area to be adored by many. Knysna welcomes all with its small-town charm, as this Jewel of South Africa and the Garden Route will be impossible to hide.

A temperate climate and a fine selection of restaurants, golf estates, health spas, boat cruises, nature reserves and outdoor activities make Knysna the perfect holiday destination. Even in winter the warm Indian ocean attracts many a swimmer. The indigenous forests are dotted with well marked walks and cycling/horse riding pats, whilst the 8000 plant species of the ‘Cape fynbos’ attract many birds (some endemic to the area). With an average January temperature of 26C and a winter average of 18C, it is a comfortable climate all year round.

The Garden Route is still called home by many different animals, as the natural forest surrounding Knysna still hosts two of the big five namely the elephant and leopard. Although the garden route hosts private game reserve where the rest of the big 5 can be enjoyed as well as the infamous elephant park. With a very large area of untouched natural forest which is now protected, numerous species of birds call the Garden Route home as well, they can be witnessed by either visiting the forest itself on spectacular and safe walking/cycling routes or by establishments in the garden route. Knysna also enjoys a rich variety of sea life which includes the southern right whale, seahorse, great white shark, seal, killer whale and a large dolphin population. They can be seen through well established agencies that offer tours around all of the Garden Route depending on the specific activity.Knysna is not only beauty, it is rich with the African experience.



Tanzanite, Africa's unique gemstone, has been described as 1000 times rarer than diamonds. They are mined only in Africa at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro and will be extinct within this century and is therefore already proving to be an excellent and safe investment. This unique stone amazes with its beauty, that shines deep blue with violet undertones will make you want to take home your little piece of Africa.


South Africa is known across the world for the gold and diamonds that this unique country delivers not only in volume but in quality. South African diamonds are classed as some of the best if not the best in the world and we are proud that we can offer this to our clients. We recognize the saying that a diamond is a ladies best friend, and that a ladies best friend needs to be dressed well. Therefore we at Knysna Jewellers and KDC only use the highest quality of raw materials that is befitting of our clients to ensure that beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder but everyone who gazes upon it.
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